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Our know-how is to construct tailored-made Neural Networks, utilize Deep Learning and deliver efficient AI systems that make the difference.

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Our Expertise

We deliver technical advantage, critical thinking and tailored solutions that allow enterprises and startups to gain competitive advantage in their domains. 
Our portfolio of professional services includes: large scale back end applications, high traffic web services, Embedded applications,  RAG Products, AI and Machine learning tailored solutions.

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About Us

Making impossible to happen since 2017

Our Team

Highly skilled and motivated engineers with vast experience in the domain. Our knowledge is distributed and composed of experts in Big Data, C++, High demand Web services, Nodejs, IOT, Machine Learning, AI, Optimisation, System Architecture.


R&D Office:

Bul.Partizanski Odredi br.43b lok.9, 1000 Skopje, R.Macedonia

Head Office:

Ljubashka 17, 1043 Kavadarci, R.Macedonia

Contact Phone:


Research and Development

Our Team is  actively included in research  and development activities with our clients from Automotive , Stocks Algorithms and Contend delivery sectors.

As a company we strongly believe in innovation and delivering the products of tomorrow; And by that we are actively  investing in R&D projects from  agritech sector and prediction of user behaviour.

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