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Senior Machine Learning Engineer


Job Type

Full Time

ITQuarks is a research and development company that provides a unique combination of expertise in machine learning, optimization and data processing. We are expanding our team for working  in on-the-go automotive software fixes and predictive maintenance for connected vehicles.

In one sentence

Grow in innovative company culture and work on the next generation of Artificial Immune systems.

What will your job look like?

  • Work on algorithms in the area of anomaly detection and LLM.

  • Probabilistic programming and Bayesian Inference.

  • Technologies you will meet during work in Python, Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch.

  • Data transformation and analysis.

All You need is ...

  • Good background in Probabilistic mathematics.

  • Machine Learning experience with Tensorflow or PyTorch.

  • Python libraries with Pandas , Scipy, Numpy.

  • Background in traning and finetuning Transformers or Autoencoders networks.

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